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February 2012 News and Notes

By | February 19, 2012

This was a painting not exhibited much. It was a neat experience in the difficulties of light control and the warms and cools that causes on the skin, my favorite thing to do. It was accepted and exhibited at Catherine Lorillard Wolfe 114th Annual Exhibition held in New York City in 2010.

Welcome back! This is February and I promised to be here sooner, but we spent two weeks in California and Arizona so I have not had a chance to get here till now. I do want to bring you up to date to this year, so have included two paintings not yet shown much. The first is “Lamplight” a pastel that illustrates warm and cool light, my favorite thing to play with. Skin tones get so much richer when those elements are part of it. Everything else does too.


This pastel was done for my show down home. It depicts toys from three generations that were too precious not to keep. (Prints available)

“Family Keepers”, things too precious not to keep from three generations of the family, make a meaningful pastel to tell the story. The quilt was made for me by my grandmother and used for my son and grandchildren. The porcelain doll was my mother’s and is dressed in a baptismal gown and bonnet handmade by my grandmother. The stuffed toy was my husband’s and of course the truck and beaten-up Teddy bear were our son John’s. It was an idea in the back of my head since I found the doll in pieces in a box where she had been for 50 years and had her restored . She had been like that for all those years as my mother never did find someone to do if for her.

The portrait that I did some years ago of Marian Gallagher, the Founder of the Law Library at the University of Washington.

A good friend surprised me with a photo of the new placement of the portrait I had done some time ago of Marian Gallagher for the University of Washington’s Law Library, which she founded. The Marian Gould Gallagher Society, made up of law librarians all over the country who had been trained in her program, provided this elaborate setting near the entrance of the new Law School building. Marian pioneered the idea of a special program to educate law librarians as well as establishing the Library. It was a thrill to see it placed as her friends had intended it when they commissioned it.”