An update on my paintings and sculptures

As Spring approaches……

By | March 19, 2017

I am busy trying to finish the three children I am doing for the Rowands, #3, #4, and $6 of their grandchildren.  I will have to show them next month.

This month I am showing you a drawing I did of my grandkids for our annual Christmas card (46 years of them).  It will most likely be the last of these as they are growing up too much to do “cute” things anymore.  I will probably do something, but not so complicated. The effort to get them drawn, put together and mailed (along with a newsletter) just before Christmas is getting to be too much as I get older and slower.  But it has been fun and I know I will miss doing them each year, starting with the kid’s Dad when he was little and then both of  them from babyhood.  It is nice to have a yearly picture of them altho no one has a wall that big.

Elizabeth, 12, and Brady, 9

Elizabeth, 12, and Brady, 9

This is a drawing with pastel color on the figures. It is fun to see how much I can convey with the least drawing in light and shadow to define them.  My pastels lately have developed in a much more layered process to catch warm and cool air and shadows as I have been doing on the three children.  I think after my next project I will go back to oil for a bit.  I used to do a lot of it but got hooked into exploring pastel when John was little.  He could eat pastels and they would not hurt him the way oil paint or turpentine would.  I could also stand up and leave it overnight without having to do major clean-up, etc.  Pastel is much softer for children too.

See you next month!